Monday, October 27, 2008

My First Not Me Monday!

Not Me Monday!!

* I didn't bring Dalton downstairs when he woke up on Sunday morning, turn on Diego, and go back to sleep on the couch.. Nope.. that wouldn't be a good mommy.. Not me!!

* I didn't pick up the shirt I wanted to wear tonight (Boo at the Zoo) and smell it to see if it was clean.. Nope .. that would mean I hadn't done laundry in a few days.. Not me!

* I didn't burn the burgers on the grill (beyond hope) Saturday night.. Nope.. Not me!!

*I wasn't secretly happy that the burgers weren't edible, because then we could order take out.. Nope.. Not me!!

* My 3 year old didn't walk in the living room Saturday night put the phone on the table and say, "Here is your damn phone Mom." Nope.. Not my son!

* I didn't have to compose myself while I racked my brain to figure how to deal with that.. Nope.. Not me!!

* I didn't sit here this weekend and realize that my baby will be 4! in 10 days.. and I haven't prepared at all.. Nope.. Not me!!

* I didn't actually believe that D's Dad would get him this weekend.. Nope.. That would mean he wasn't a lying you know what.. Nope.. Not me!!

*I didn't knock kids over after getting off the backwards merry go round at the zoo.. Nope.. Not me.. I never get dizzy on those things.

* I didn't let D fall asleep on the couch because I didn't feel like fighting about bedtime.. Nope.. I would never do that!!

Okay.. I'm tired thinking of all of the things I didn't do!! Your turn!! Hop on over @ MckMama's blog for more Not me Monday's!