Friday, March 12, 2010

Flashback Friday!!

This flashback friday is brought in honor of the late Corey Haim..
I know I wasn't the only one searching tiger beat and bop magazines looking for his posters!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A few pictures.....

I can't here are a few pictures!

Silly Boy posing January

Dalton playing in the first round of snow January

Me and Mom @ Brady's Birthday Party February

My New Hair March

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good luck or Bad luck?

I'm really not in a mood to blog..but I'm doing it anyway.

I went Monday and got my hair cut..yes AGAIN.. I decided I wanted to go shorter..
Went to work.. 5 minutes into my shift some stupid ass hits my car!Stupid Hit and Run Driver.. I'm pissed..but what can ya do? Police came.. called my insurance company.. all this lead to nerves from I went home. Spent half the night on the phone w/ various people at Erie.

Tuesday, I picked up a copy of my insurance policy..met the tow truck at work, and picked up a rental car. On my way to work I started having massive chest I detoured to the ER.BP 159/101.. No SVT.. blood work came back heart attack..kept me over night for observation and had a stress test this morning.. That was fun.. NOT. Came back okay.. am supposed to follow up w/ my cardiologist and primary doc.

So Good luck or Bad luck?

Bad- my car got hit.. then they ran...chest pain..high bp
Good- I have full coverage ins, my deductible isn't that high, didn't have a heart attack..not SVT related, now I'm home..

Good luck it is!!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Yes, the Christmas pictures are out of order...but I'm too tired to fix it. :-D

Brady, Jake, and Dalton posing with the favorites of the day.

Christmas Morning- The "Loot"

Christmas Eve- Yes, I made them wear matching PJs.. :-)
"Crazy Pose" Picture

12/23/09- Mandatory Slumber Party

12/23/09- Jake, Dalton, and Brady at lunch before seeing the Chipmunk Squeakuel. Why am I not surprised none of them could look at the camera?

This is my new hair (jan 2010)

A Little Bit of Everything

Well, I am back! I finally decided to bite the bullet and start blogging again. Last night I spent an hour or so deciding on a new layout and figuring out how to personalize my header... What do you think?

So.. my life since November...

  • My *coughcough31stcoughcough* birthday came and went.. I spent it with family and friends, we had a great time!
  • We spent Christmas in Georgia with my sister and her family. The kids were spoiled..of course.. I will post pics in the next post.
  • I believe I slept thru NYE.
  • January was a great month! Mom and I headed to Nashville on January 19th for my pre-op appt with Dr. E, my Vanderbilt EP. The next morning, super bright and early.. I checked in at the Children's Hospital.. YES, the children's hospital.. Laugh all you want.. it is funny. haha Dr. E said my case was "challenging" and he wanted Dr. F to assist plus they had better mapping equipment. The procedure lasted almost SIX hours!! Appears I was just as difficult under general anethesia as I am awake. lol The SVT wasn't starting in the area they previously thought.... They had to ablate around 50 different spots! They went thru both legs and my neck. I woke up in horrid pain...was dosed and passed back out.. this happened for a few hours. I had to keep my legs completely still and lay flat for 6 hours! Luckily over half of that I was drugged. But the last few hours were hell. Then I woke up around 2am.. crying in pain. Once the nurse came in she realized that I had started bleeding internally on my left groin area and developed a rather large...okay huge.. hematoma. Better to bleed in than out I guess.. not as messy. Blah blah blah.. I wasn't allowed to get up and walk until they day I was released..>Friday. Walking was an ordeal.. onlookers thought it was a bit funny. I had that just pushed out a 20lb baby...but didn't ya know I didnt. Anyway....long story a bit shorter.. after much monitoring I was SVT free! I stayed SVT free until about 2 weeks ago.. Not great news..but it could be worse. I have had maybe 5 episodes since then..but not a one compared to pre ablation episodes. My followup in Nashville is Mid April.
  • I am back at work! Yay!! After being out on leave for basically 8 months.. I was more than ready to go back! I missed my friends!! (love you guys!)
  • Oh, pre surgery I had my hair done.. Elisha is the most awesome talented stylist ever!! (Enve Salon..) Pics on next post!
  • Most that know me...know about the house fire in October.. They have finally started on the house...and man do they work fast!! They almost have the whole house gutted already!! Its amazing to see! At the rate they are going, we will probably be back in the house before August!
  • Speaking of August.. my little monster starts school in the fall. I have been back and forth about where to send him...public or private. My cousin sends her boys to Freedom Christian Academy.. so Mom, Dalton, and I met with the principal on Wednesday and took a tour. That place is great! I really feel in my heart that is the place for Dalton. So I am filling out the application and praying that they will have a spot for Dalton in the fall!

Okay..update wise I think that is the scoop!

So.. I think that is it for now..update wise....