Friday, November 2, 2007

This should make you laugh

Update from a bad blogger

Yes, I know... I am a bad blogger. I have good intentions though, does that count?


I had D's evaluation w/ the Child Find (speech). He qualifies for their services starting Monday, November 5th ( the day after his 3rd birthday). That is based on his speech/language needs. He will attend a developmental preschool 3hours a day x 4 days a week plus have 1 on 1 speech therapy 1 day a week for 30 minutes.

I took him to a new pediatrician on Halloween for his 3 yr well visit. I was soooooooo sick of the wait at the old ped. ( if you are in Knoxville and want to know who to stay away from..let me know). When I took him to Dr. S.. two weeks ago for a sick visit (strep), it was horrible. We were in the front waiting room for an hour! (WITH AN APPT)..once we got to an exam room and the nurse did his temp and listened to his chest..we waited another hour or so for Dr. S to visit. She came in and spent 10 minutes ( which included 3 people having to hold D down for a strep test). Then we waited another 30 minutes for the results. UGH!!! It wasn't like this was a one time thing..each and every visit..the wait is horrendous!! I remember our very first appt when he was 5 days old..and we were there for almost 4 hours. Anyway.. the new ped. (Dr. A) is about 35 minutes away. His office is very nice and clean a lot of other perks too. The staff are great! We were in and out in an hour!! D weighed 36.5 lbs and was 38 inches tall. My little monster is growing! He got his flu shot and they did a blood stick for a lead test. I took him back to daycare and went back to work. He had a Halloween party that day. I got home around 5ish..and we had dinner and practiced saying "Trick or Treat" Once it came time to put on his costume ( the old navy lion) loving sweet MONSTER was possessed. He proceeded to throw a THREE hour temper tantrum!! I mean non stop screaming, kicking, hitting, limp bodied almost 3 year old laying in the floor. I couldn't get him to tell me anything..not if something hurt. Evenutally he told me he was dirty.. but he wasn't. I cleaned him up after dinner..he pottied and had a clean diaper.. non sticky face and I don't know. So I have no cute pictures or anything..we stayed home. :-(

His birthday is Sunday. I can't believe it! He is having a fire truck themed party. I'm keeping it small.. not inviting the SD family (sperm donor haha). They don't make a point to call or see him through the it is their loss. A friend of Mom's is making him a fire truck cake. Dalton and I are going to make cupcakes too. He is really excited! Every day for the last month he will ask if it is "dot dot's birthday party" yet.. He will then list what his party should consist of.. "birthday cake.."oons" (balloons), presents, and a party. He also tells me multiple times a day that on his birthday (the actual day) he wants to "bowl the ball". So that is what we will do on Sunday.. I found this really cool cake that I would like to make for Sunday.. (I'm new at adding I think its at the beginning of the post..Its from the Family Fun website)
Oh yeah... I recommend reading Mom O Matic's blog, if you haven't already. She's great..super funny. Future Milf's unite! :0)

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Well, I am still trying to get used to this blogging on a regular basis goal. haha

Things are well on the home front. Dalton's pictures from school look amazing. I am scannerless right now. So eventually I will get them posted. He looks so big! (well he is I guess lol) They are 20's style..He's in a pair of denim overalls..such a cutie.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Good Morning *grumble*

Good morning sunshine! This is what Dalton said to me at 4am this morning. The kiddo was wide awake and more than ready to start his day. Three and a half hours later, I am MORE than ready for a nap. He is too, judging by his mood. lol

The First

This is my first "babbling" attempt. It is almost I can't promise to make sense. I really am not sure what to talk about, what do you want to know? Dalton is doing great at his new daycare. He loves his teacher, Mrs. Claudia. He calls her "claudee". Its really cute. Drop offs are still a bit iffy, but improving. Dalton is still involved in speech therapy. Wendy ( or weebee in dalton speak) visits him at school twice a week. He really looks forward to seeing her. I will be sad when he ages out of his therapy (November). What else? Oh yes, potty training... well ... hmmm.. Dalton is doing it on his time. He tries to potty at school...most of the time it is a false alarm. But that is okay! Its a start. At home on the other hand..the kid is a urinating machine! LOL Either he has a bitty bitty bladder or he never really empties it. He will scream, "Dot dot pee pee potty!" and then we run to the bathroom..he gets situated on the potty..and looks down..and magically he goes potty! After he's "done" ..he looks up at the ceiling, closes his eyes, and screeches (squeals) "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS". So we do the happy dance, wash our hands, and run to tell Mamaw. Three minutes later..what do I hear? "Dot dot pee pee potty" .. Repeat all the above steps..Five minutes later...guess what? lol Yup..the kid wants to go again. Silly boy. I think he could be completely trained now if he wanted to..he just doesn't. I thought about trying to put in him big boy underwear one day and see what happens.. but I don't think I have enough pairs to last through the accidents. Okay...enough for now..comment me :-) Oh yeah.. I added a picture because I'm cool like was last week. I can't get the boy to sit still long enough for a real picture, so this will have to do.