Saturday, February 23, 2008


I have been a very bad blogger...

Updates from Brady Land..

Since November, we have been visited by the sicky germs..well at least Dalton has been visited.

-Pink eye both eyes
-upper resp. infection
-nasty stomach virus
-sinus/upper resp.inf

Poor guy.. Hopefully with the warm weather we will get out of this funk.

We went to my sisters in GA the 15-17th of Feb..for my nephew Brady's bday party. Oh, Dalton was so excited. We took her boys and mine to get haircuts..and OMG Dalton looks like a big boy now~! It was this place called "half pints" lol He was so good. So I guess we will be visiting GA every 6-8 weeks! haha

I signed Dalton up for Weeball today. He is sooo excited. I have to go find him a real glove soon. I should hear from his coach by mid march..then come practices and games. Yay!

What else should I blog about...any ideas?


I remembered ..

I have a court date on Feb 27th.. Asswipe is in contempt of Child support with the state. Stupid fucker.. I really hate him. Truly. How bad is that?? The worst part of guess who Dalton has been asking about on a regular basis?? Yup..his "Daddy". Last night he even asked to go to "Daddy's house". I told him..right now he's at mommy's house and maybe another time he can go to Daddy's. He accepted that for now I'm in the clear..but he still asks about him..and it frustrates me..

7 reasons I am strange

Michelle() tagged me so here it goes..
The Power of Seven.
So here goes...1) Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog. (check!)
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a. I am a book whore. Seriously, I am addicted to reading. I can read a book or two a day.. (time dead day at work or I stay up all night). Yes I'm a dork.

b. I seriously doubt I will ever get married. My parents were married over 30 I had positive role models in marriage growing up. Two reasons...I know most marriages now days end in divorce..and second..if I was lucky enough to have a lasting marriage..I don't want to go thru losing my hubby like mom lost dad.

c. I am still a bit scared of the dark. Not inside dark..but being outside at night weirds me out. Long story short..when I was about sister lived across the street..and was grabbed walking from her neighbors to her home.. gun to her are gonna die scenerio. Her asshole chickenshit dh at the time...didn't do anything but run to our house crying like a baby and left her there. Dad got his shotgun ( assuming it was a shot gun..) and shot the guy before the police got there. So yeah I have my reasons.

d. I want to learn how to shoot. Not for sport..but for protection. I want to have a permit to carry. I think it would be very empowering, but probably never will because I am afraid my own gun would be used against me.

e. From birth until age 22 or so ..I had blue eyes. Then they turned green/ I guess hazel. I get more compliments on my eyes now than every before..but at least that means they aren't staring at my chest. LOL

f. I have a hard time opening up to people...even friends b/c I am afraid what I say will be used against me at some point.

g. I read more emails than I reply to. I want to reply but sometimes I just can't..I feel like I haven't responded in so long..that I just shouldn't reply now. lol

I warned you I am strange!

I'm too lazy to think of people to if you read this consider yourself TAGGED!