Thursday, May 12, 2011

What have we been doing?

I can't believe it is already May! Dalton has his last day of Kindergarten on May 25th (sniffle). I can't believe my little baby is going to be a in first grade.. So much has happened since my lazy bum has posted..
  • Dalton started Kindergarten.. (I just realized how long its been since I posted)
  • I chaperoned my first field trip.. to the Zoo. Fun was had by all. I couldn't walk for two days afterwards lol Getting old is NOT fun!
  • Field day! Little guy didn't get a ribbon...but was so happy to get out there and try! I am a proud mommy!
  • Easter and Easter Egg Hunts in the backyard with our neighbors
  • Playdates with his friend Emma..with lots of Just Dance 2 involved
  • He lost his first tooth. Tooth fairy left him $5. According to him the most important part of this is that the $5 was all in one dollar bills. ;-)
  • We went to the Giant Treehouse in Crossville.. So much fun.. until an excited little boy who is jumping down the stairs starts to fall. I tense to grab him.. and I do..but I tore part of my quadricep muscle. That is some hardcore pain!

Busy time in the Brady house! I am going to do better about posting. Next post will be pictures, but it is time to go get Dalton from school.. So I have to go!