Tuesday, November 4, 2008


4 Years Ago..

A little backstory...

Three days before found out I was pregnant, I had a dream. I was walking through the halls of a preschool (same one my sister and I went to.. Dalton also went there for Mother's Day out.). I was picking up my son.. A handsome, adorable, beautiful boy with dark brown hair and brownish green eyes. He was carrying a picture he had pained that day. The name on the bottom read "Dalton Brady". I didn't think much of it,.. just a dream, ya know? Then 2 days later, I was sick as a dog.. but I wrote it off as that stomach bug that had went around. Feb. 25, 2004, I went to my family doctor because my back was acting up a bit. He gave me some meds and I went on my way. I had dinner that night with Linda and Chad at TGI Fridays. I ordered my favorite drink there (Electric Lemonade), but it just didn't taste right. I felt a bit light headed during dinner..but I just wrote it off again. Left dinner and went by CVS to pick up my meds.. and paused by the pregnancy tests. I laugh about it now..I thought what the hell.. I will buy a test..just to make sure that I'm NOT pregnant before I take any of the medicines. The box I bought had only 1 test.. that is how sure I was that it would be NEGATIVE. I go home to my apartment.. sign online.. and am talking to Lili and Linda online. West Wing was getting ready to come on.. I figured what the hell. . I will just take the test now. So I go do it.. and look and see only 1 line. I did the happy dance around my apartment as the theme song for West Wing played in the background. I laughed at the fact that I was worried for a second. Then out of the corner of my eye.. I glance at the test laying on my coffee table.. OMFG.. now there were TWO lines!! I seriously thought it was just the lighting. I went to the bathroom..still two lines.. I went to the kitchen.. still two lines.. bedroom..still two lines.. balcony ..still two lines. That second line wasn't going away. Once I realized that.. well I lost my dinner and never got to sit down and watch that episode of west wing. I called one of my bestest girlfriends..and told her to come over please.. I was crying my eyes out.. she thought I was dying.. and I said, "No, I think I'm pregnant." She asked if I had taken a test..I told her yes but I think I'm just seeing a second line that isn't there. She came over.. verified the obvious second line and consoled me. I wasn't upset that I was pregnant.. just shocked.. very shocked. The next morning.. I drove through inches of snow going 5 miles an hour.. to go back to CVS for another pack of pregnancy tests... THIS time I bought a two pack. All in all.. it took 5 home pregnancy tests, 1 pregnancy clinic test, plus a blood test at my family doctor for me to really, truly believe that, Yes, I was pregnant.

Fast forward to November 4th.. after six hours of active labor..and an hour and a half of pushing.. my beautiful baby boy was born. It was just me and mom (with the doctor and nurses) to welcome him at 6:01 am. He let out the loudest wail after Mom cut the cord.. and as the nurse carried him over to the warmer.. he peed on her. LOL! I should have known then that he was gonna be a handful! Mom went out in the waiting room to call my Dad.. and he was already at the hospital waiting. She called him at 4am right before I started to push to give him an update..and he couldn't go back to sleep. So he sat there for 2 hours waiting for me. So of course.. I kept the name from my dream, Dalton.. and gave him the middle name Errett. That was my Dad's middle name and if Dalton turns out to be anything like my father.. then I will be doubly blessed.

I love my son more than my life.. and even though he can drive me batty at times.. he's my sweet boy and I can't imagine my life without him. Happy Birthday Dalton!! Mommy loves you!!!

Not Me Monday

Another edition of Not me Monday! Let's all join the fun and talk about what we "didn't" do this past week!

* I didn't post my Not Me's on Tuesday, because I was too much of a slacker to do it before work and I don't get out of work until midnight. Nope not me.. I should plan ahead!

* I didn't fix my monster a peanut butter sandwich for dinner Sunday night when he had asked for a butter sandwich (gag!) and pretend to have misunderstood.

* I also didn't eat said pb sandwich and make the original requested sandwich for my sweet angel because I didn't want to hear him scream anymore. Nope not me.. That is just gross!

* It didn't make me sick to my stomach being nice to D's *father* Sunday.. nope not me.. I can be civil to everyone and like it.

* I didn't stand at work tonight scanning my card in the time clock 5 times, wondering aloud why it wouldn't clock me in..until someone in the line (that was forming behind me) said to turn it the right way.

* I didn't throw my pants in the dryer again today before work... because I didn't feel like ironing.. nope not me! I always iron and hang up my clothes right away!

Thats all for now! Go over to MckMama's site to find a list of more Not Me! Mondays.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Do I look easy??

Before you answer that, read ahead lol

Friday, I was on my way to work and stopped to fill up my car. I went inside and prepaid for my gas, pumped my gas, and got in the car to leave. There was a tap on my passenger window..and I looked over.. and there was a man leaning in towards my window. He was probably nearing 60 or so.. This is how the conversation went..

Old Guy: Hello
Me: Hi
OG: I just wanted to tell you, you sure do look purdy today.
Me: thank you. (Starts car).
OG: Really you do. I would love to take you out.
Me: Sorry, I've got a boyfriend and he's the jealous type.
OG: Aww, well then, I sure would love to see those big boobies then.
Me: Excuse me?
OG: I said I sure would love to see those big boobies, them are nice ones.
Me: You know that is rude and uncalled for.. you don't go around talking like that. Good bye!

OMG!! I rolled the windows up (Hoping to break his face), checked that my doors were locked and backed out.. his truck was blocking me so I couldn't pull forward. I was amazed.. I mean.. I know the twins are big, but c'mon!! I had NO cleavage showing today lol Did he expect me to just plop them out for his viewing delight? If he had been hot..then ya know maybe I would have considered it first.. but still would have said no. lol

My Baby

I'm feeling a bit emotional..My boy is going to be 4 on November 4th. I can't believe it. Seriously, it seems like yesterday that I was waddling around begging God to please let this child be born already. lol Now, he's getting so big..and his favorite saying..

"Kindergarten here I come!"

*sobbing* Not yet.. but soon.. I do think he's right though, the elem. school will need a warning. Its only fair. lol