Monday, July 14, 2008


Dalton has this hooded Thomas the Train bath/beach towel..that he loves!

Saturday..he had it on after we got out of the pool.. the hood was on his head..the rest just floating..

Dalton: Look Mommy. Dalton is a princess!!
Mommy: You mean Dalton is a prince, right?
Dalton: No, Mommy.. Princess! Dalton is a princess!
Mommy: about a king? Kings are way more cool.
Dalton: No No No! Mommy, listen to me. Dalton is a princess!
Mommy: *sigh*

Lock Picker

Thats me! My lovely child has a new habit. He locks a door then shuts it, there by locking everyone out of the room (and usually locking the dog in the room). Tonight was no different. I got out of bed to go to the bathroom (tmi) and he followed bored and went back to bed so I thought.. I heard the tell tale click and my heart stopped. Mentally I cursed... and maybe muttered a curse as well. My door doesn't have a key. Its just a little hole in the middle of the door knob. Unlike so many of my siblings, I hadn't the ability or the experience of picking a lock. :-D

With the right tool (thanks Dad- I found one of his pocket screwdrivers) and a little luck, I did it!! Yay Mommy!! High fives !!! (that was from Dalton)

We had a nice little talk, and he has promised no more locking doors. He apologized to me and most of all to Izzie. He felt so bad that she was scared. LOL

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Dalton is finally potty trained!!! It was nothing I did..other than buy undies he liked (transformers and diego lol). He did it in his own just clicked! He only wears pullups at night. During nap times, he wants to keep his underwear on..and so far he wakes up dry. So yay!!

oh..and a Daltonism for you...

I went to Target him a few things from the dollar spot.

a yellow hard Bob's

a saw and a screwdriver

So now he thinks he's Bob the Builder...

He comes up to me...nude..with his hat on.."Mommy, I'm Bob the Naked Builder!"

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Belated Fourth of July!

I hope everyone had a great 4th! We did. It was very low key.

We swam a bit. Dalton is a fish!! He was a fishie life jacket/arm floatie thing. I will upload a pic of it soon. I don't know how to describe it. But with it my boy swims. He swam beside me to the deep end tonight. Jumped off the side of the pool numerous times. He's getting so big! Then we got dressed and played in the backyard. He rode his race car for awhile, then we played ball. I grilled burgers for dinner. He got out his bubbles and had a great time.

Mom and I had been weeding the unused flower gardens.. his job was to pick up the weeds and put them in the bin. He loved his job. He started squealing.. "A snake..Mommy a snake!!" over and over. I look over there and he has found his first worm. So I tell him, "Dalton, that isn't a snake, its just a worm." He asked if he could touch I said yes. He giggled as he touched it. Then laughed and touched it again..harder. lol I was like Dalton be easy or you will hurt the worm!! Gentle touches, remember? He asked me what the worms name was..and I said I don't know, why don't you name it? What about Leo or Quincy (Little Einsteins)..he refused..and named it........................................................................................................................................................

Dead Worm. No, the worm wasn't dead..and he didn't plan on making it dead.. so I'm not sure where that came from. LMAO He sat down beside the worm..and would occasionally "pet" it and talked to it....

Dalton: Hi Dead worm. I like you. My name is Dalton Errett Brady and I'm this many (holds up 3 fingers). How many are you?
Mommy: Dalton, I think that is a baby worm.
Dalton: Where are its mommy and daddy?
Mommy: I don't know Dalton..maybe they are at their home.
Dalton: OK Dead Worm. You are my best friend. Am I your best friend?

He just jabbered and talked to that poor worm until I told him it was time for dinner.

He leaned down to the ground.. and said, " Bye Dead Worm. I have to eat. Here you eat this leaf." He put about 5 large leaves on top and around little worm. Then he whispered to it, " Don't leave me Dead worm. I come back soon" I told him to come on and go wash up for dinner..and he said, "Mommy I need to give Dead Worm kisses and hugs." LMAO I explained to him that wasn't possible. He decided to just blow him kisses instead.

After dinner, we went back and Dead Worm was gone. Dalton was devastated. I tried to explain to him that he probably went home to his Mommy. Poor guy thinks Dead Worm will be back to play with him tomorrow...they are best friends after all. lmao