Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm a slacker.

I'm a slacker. I haven't posted since May. In May I still had a kindergartener. Now I have a first grader. FIRST GRADE!? How did he get so old?

This is the week before school started. We attended the Meet and Greet. Once he met Ms. Bell, he was ready to start school that day! I do believe he has a crush on her!

Dalton on the first day of FIRST grade! He was super happy!

He is doing awesome in first grade. The first grading period he made the honor roll and got the Character Counts award! Can you tell I'm a proud mom? He has improved so much, especially in reading and writing. Here is a note he wrote for me:

Dalton played AYSO fall soccer. This was his first season. His team, the Cobras, finished out the season undefeated. They kicked butt!

Here are the boys and their trophies with Coach Laura at the end of season party.

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